Tudo Azul members, it is now even easier to rent a car at Hertz! Whether it’s for work or fun, you can enjoy many exclusives benefits when booking. Hertz has a new and varied selection of cars to choose from, covering economic cars, automatics, SUVs and many more.
All Tudo Azul members earn points when
 renting a car at Hertz:
- Rentals with Leisure rates: 50 points per day

- Rentals with Corporate rates: 40 points per day

Tudo Azul members receive the following benefit:

• 10% OFF on car rental rates around the world (excluding Brazil).

Please remember to include your Tudo Azul CDP when booking your reservation:

Tudo Azul - CDP 2044827

Tudo Azul Topazio - CDP 2044828

Tudo Azul Safira - CDP 2044829

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